Jamie Williamson

Co-Founder & Head Coach

I’m a young and enthusiastic teacher and trainer, whose mission is to help young people develop into the best possible versions of themselves. I grew up on Auckland’s North Shore, and completed a Bachelor of Physical Education at the University of Auckland in 2016. Right now, I’m juggling two jobs: on the one hand I’m a Health and PE teacher at Westlake Boys High School, and on the other hand I’m the Head Development Strength and Conditioning Trainer for the Vodafone Warriors. It was partly this combination of roles that inspired me to start Ethos. On any given day, I would see young boys struggling to figure out their way in the world, and who were being repeatedly told that “sport” and “life” are two very different things. And then a little while later, I’d be working with adult men who had not only found a way to thrive, but had successfully developed into some of New Zealand’s most inspiring role models. If I can help young Kiwi’s harness sport to develop the kind of strength of character that’ll stay with them all their lives, I’ll feel that I’ve achieved something truly meaningful.